Software RAID1 wont boot

The way to do with lilo :

The solution works with SuSE8.1, but will probably fit any other LINUX distributions. Look at my lilo.conf.
The problem is that lilo wont write the correct MBR with the standard lilo.conf made by YAST.
If you add the parameter 'raid-extra-boot = /dev/hdx,/dev/hdy' (Insert the correct device names) then lilo will write the MBR as you want.

To start your RAID1 after you se the error : Insert CD1, accept whatever language, choose 'boot installed OS', after booting your system : edit /etc/lilo.conf as descriped, run lilo -- boot the box, be happy.
If you use another LINUX dist, use whatever boot tool you got and start from 'edit /etc/lilo.conf'.

It wont work with lilo version less than 22 !.


If you prefer to use GRUB then have a look at this link :