Random stuff

HP Compac nc2400 screen resolution 1280x800.
Ubuntu :
Install the 915resolution package.

Find out what options your graphics adapter provide by
running sudo /usr/sbin/915resolution -l

Then look in /etc/default/915resolution and edit the file to fit
your needs.

Nvidia GeForce4 MX  glx don't work, Ubuntu 7.04.
Well, up until kernel 2.6.20-12 this works. But the new nvidia
driver comming with kernel 2.6.20-13 the card is no longer supported.
Keep on to the old one or use the legacy driver insted.
I havent testet the GLX functionality in the new legacy driver yet.

Look at the envy script, it will find out what Nvidia card you got, and then download, compile and install it on your machine. It's not going to be much more easy. Good work Alberto.

The old solution :
In the jungle of solutions at this problem i found a work arround  that worked at this page  :   http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/category/dappernvidia/

ThanX a lot from me to the Ubuntu people.

Here's a short resume, this got it working for me :
sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) nvidia-glx
sudo depmod -ae
sudo nvidia-glx-config enable