Server side :

The daemon running at the server, not as root.

Signing clients certificates do this :
bbstored-certs ca sign hostname-csr.pem

Remember to stand in the directory where the ca is.

Tool for create, remove, repair and manage accounts (Clients).

bbstoreaccounts create 1 0 10000M 12000M
Creates account 1 in raid 0 with softlimit 10Gb and hardlimit 12Gb.

bbstoreaccounts setlimit 1 new-soft-limit new-hard-limit
Is setting new soft / hard limit for account 1.
Remember to restart bbstored to make the changes take effect.

bbstoreaccounts delete 1
Deletes account 1 from the store.

bbstoreaccounts check 1 fix
Checking and fixing account 1 file store. Without the 'fix' option
it only checks the store.